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Your thoughts – Our beliefs


“I know my products and I am proud of them. But why is Sweden, among all markets, an interesting market for me? How do I succeed with export of wine and other alcohol beverages to the Swedish market?

“Can someone please explain how the government owned alcohol Monopoly – ”Systembolaget” – works? Who shall I work with that has the knowledge and experience to navigate me successfully? Who can I trust, and why?”

And last but not least – “who shares my vision that a good business, is a good business for everyone involved?”


At DELIQ we are humble and have respect for the complexity and significance in all these questions, and we also have the answers.

We have the right experience, strength and understanding, combined with all the skills and tools necessary for helping your company with a prosperous beverage business in Sweden. This is regardless of if you are about to enter or looking to expand in our market.

Are you curious to find out more about the Swedish market and how DELIQ can help you and your company? Contact us for more information!